How to change the refresh rate of your Computer Windows 10 and Older

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How to change the default refresh rate for a Windows computer

What’s the refresh rate of a screen or television?

Often people do not know what a refresh rate is, but it is a very important option. This is the number of images displayed per second.

Many people will not see the difference after 60 Hertz. Most professional players are very careful about the screens and video cards they use.

Today, many television or computer screen designers offer very high performance in Hertz or FPS (Frame by Seconds).

What is the default value of most desktop or TV screens?

Often, so-called cheap screens are designed to offer 60 hertz per second. For TVs it may depend on the manufacturer, but cheaper TVs are often designed to provide 30 frames per second.

When you watch a movie or a series, it is not too often perspective, but the difference is there.

How do I know if you have a screen of 60/120 Hertz or more?

Start by taking note of your screen model and search it on Google. The manual or the box of the screen can contain information on the refresh rate of your screen.

Often this value is written in Hz (Hertz) or FPS (images/frames per second). When you have more than 60 HZ or FPS, you have to configure your computer to support it.

How to change the refresh rate of your computer for Windows 10?

change the refresh rate in windows 10 - step 1

Start by right clicking on the desktop, on a corner without icons.

Select option – Display setting

The menu to change the refresh rate of your computer screen

In the new window, you will see the screen or screens that are supported by your computer.

Select the screen, and scroll down to click on the option – Advanced Display Settings.The best way to change refresh rate of your screenThen select the option – Properties of the video card for display “1”.

A new window will open, choose the tab Screen.

Fastest way to modify the refresh rate of your computer, NVIDIA or AMD video cards

In this tab, you will be able to choose the refresh rate of the monitor.

For example, my screen supports 144 and 160 hertz.

Choose the value that suits you, usually we take the highest and press apply then OK.

Restart the computer and then your computer will be configured with the new configuration.

What to do if this option is not available?

It is important to update its video card drivers up-to-date if the option is not available. HDMI wires can not be used to set the screen above 60 FPS / HZ. A Display Port (DP) wire is required.

This change may be different for later versions of Windows, such as Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, or other versions.

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