Our Story

Me and Andreanne have been starting in the industry of websites and marketing a long time ago. We started our company as a website builder and then we have been working really hard on the marketing of our business.

But after that, we did realize that we can do much more. We wanted to share with everybody how to build a professional website at your own, even for people that never made this before.

We started with few videos and tutorials to start the project and after some time, this platform has become what it is now. One of the biggest references in the domain.

Our Approach

We want to teach to everybody how to be successful on internet with their blog, websites or online store. Our team has been working in that domain for more than 15 years now, and we know exactly what to do.

Knowledge is one of our best weapons. Everything we share with you are completely free and will always be. We make this promise to you.

The Ideology of Fortunate Web

Make life easier of people like you. We will teach you for free everything that we know, this is how we do. After spending years and years into that domain, we know exactly how to succeed in the blogging industry.

The best way to achieve this is by starting now building your own niche website. Profile Page Link.

The Team

SIND Nicolas Desjardins, Author and Specialist SIND



Webmaster – Designer – Marketing










Writer – Photograph


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If you are interested in having one of the biggest “passive” incomes for the years to come, you should start our video tutorial about starting a website. After that, we have made plenty of tutorials about writing good content to drive traffic from Google for free.

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